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Austin Boutique Peek ~ Estilo

by | April 26th, 2016

Sometimes the plan you have for yourself isn’t always the path you ultimately take.  For many, change in plans can be difficult, but for others it’s a door of opportunity to walk through with success waiting for you on the other side.  That is exactly what happened to one local fashion entrepreneur.

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Stephanie Coultress and husband Todd at the Dell Children’s Gala

Several years ago on Sixth Street, back when you could easily find parking, there was a boutique named Giada. The large boutique stocked  beautiful, contemporary clothing and was run by a young and energetic Stephanie Coultress, who embraced every part of the business and helped make it very successful.  Her plan to be a family counselor took a back seat and she moved forward with the next business title, boutique owner.
When the Giada boutique made plans to close their doors, Stephanie decided with a partner to open up a store in a new area of town.   The 2nd Street District was growing as new shopping destination in downtown Austin and there wasn’t a store offering contemporary men’s and women’s clothing.  It was good timing, a new opportunity and with a desire to be her own boss, Stephanie opened Estilo in 2005.

“I named the store Estilo because it means style in Spanish.  I thought it was a good strong name for both men and women”, said Stephanie.


Inside the new Tarrytown location

The store survived the mid 2000’s recession and went on to be a fashion destination downtown.  In fact, Estilo was an 11 year anchor in the 2nd Street District and was also the longest tenant on the block.   When Stephanie’s lease was up for renewal, it was time to make some new decisions and a new set of options and a new opportunity was waiting at her doorstep.


Jewelry by local artisians

A space in the Casis Shopping center in the posh Tarrytown area of Austin was available and she decided a second store  was the new opportunity.   She also lived in the neighborhood which made it easier to handle her busy schedule with her husband Todd and two young daughters.

The expansion of two stores was short-lived and she decided a one store business was just fine. “It was the best decision I could have made.  It’s the right clientele that comes through the store all day long”,   added Stephanie.

The store stocks only women’s clothing now, more contemporary casual wear than in the downtown location and now there are shoes!   Stephanie supports local jewelry designers stocking Megan Wells with Ruby & Violet and Monica Ruiz of pharao jewelry to name a few.

Stephanie volunteers her time with several Austin charities, Lifeworks, and SafePlace. She also was a 2015 Golden Boot winner for Trailblazer at the Austin Fashion Awards.

Running an Austin fashion business is hard, but with Stephanie’s determination,  resiliency and timing, she has thrived.  “I love being an Austin business because everyone is so supportive and everyone wants you to succeed,” said Stephanie.  We love a fashion success story.

See inside Estilo!   Click to get a Google Street View 360 Tour of the store!



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It was very apparent that Cheryl was going to be in the fashion business at a very young age. She enjoyed every aspect of the fashion industry from styling to sewing . What a wonderful journey is has been for this true fashion trailblazer! Cheryl majored in Fashion Merchandising at Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois where she was active in departmental events and found a particular interest in fashion show production. She assisted creating large runway shows and found it was easy and fulfilling. She also worked in a small fashion boutique where she used her natural love of sales and people skills to build a loyal clientele. But upon graduation, Dallas, TX was her target city to live to expand her fashion career.

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